Premium Leather Sunday Golf Bags with Versatile Pockets

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Leather Sunday Golf Bags-Features

  • Material: Canvas and genuine cowhide leather. 
  • Capacity: up to 8 clubs. 
  • Size: (Wide 5.15"), (Tall 35.50''). 
  • 2 Leather pockets with buckle closure.
  • Leather Shoulder Strap and Carrying Handle at the top. 
  • Steel ring sewed at the top so the bag remains open.
  • Its base is hard which is handmade sewed in leather.


Introducing our exquisite Leather Sunday Golf Bag, crafted from a blend of durable canvas and genuine cowhide leather. The dimensions of 5.15" in width and 35.50" in height ensure a compact and stylish design. Two leather pockets, each secured with a buckle closure, provide secure storage for your golf essentials.

For ease of transport, the bag features a leather shoulder strap and a convenient carrying handle at the top. The steel ring sewn at the top maintains the bag's open structure, offering effortless access to your clubs during your round. With a capacity to accommodate up to 8 clubs, this golf bag strikes the perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

Noteworthy is the meticulously handmade, hard base, adding stability to the bag while exemplifying the fine craftsmanship. Each detail, from the choice of materials to the thoughtful design elements, reflects our commitment to providing golf enthusiasts with a premium and stylish accessory for their Sunday rounds. Elevate your golf experience with our Leather Sunday Golf Bag—a perfect blend of form and function.