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100% Genuine Leather Butcher Apron | Leather Meat Processing Aprons

The Green Tanners

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  • Exclusive apron made of full-grain practical leather with durable stitching and waxy finish.
  • 2 Front Pockets for all your needy things with a Tools holder ring.
  • Available colors: Cognac, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Black.
    Contact us for color confirmation.
  • Adjustable Crossback straps are designed to keep you comfortable while you're Working.
  • They're water, heat, and chemical-resistant and save your outfit from stains, splashes & sparks.

Can be used as:

  • BBQ Apron
  • Chef Apron
  • Bartender Apron
  • Woodworking Apron
  • Blacksmith Apron
  • Grilling Apron
  • Welding Apron
  • Butcher Apron
  • Carpenter Apron
  • Barbour Apron


Small size : overall length 28.50", top width 11.00", centre width 19.25"
Large size : overall length 31.50", top width 11.75", centre width 21"

Straps are completely adjustable for perfect fit.

Butchery has a long history stretching back to the 1200s, under the reign of the English Butchers Guild, and these guys knew how to sustain it. A technique so ingrained in tradition that necessitates a high level of hand mastery and, as a result, armor stronger than steel. Butchering aprons are favored by butchers because they are more robust, tough, long-lasting, and provide excellent protection.

Keeping this in mind, our leather aprons are made of supple, animal skin leather that does not restrict mobility in any way. The construction is waterproof and long-lasting, and it can withstand all types of wounds, dirt, and spills. Our sizing chart is adaptable, and the aprons have adjustable belts and pockets for storage. This mens apron includes pockets large enough to hold your phone or other valuables. The neck and waist straps may be adjusted to fit your needs. They are easily cleaned and only need a light oil to stay in good shape. Pre-worn aprons, as opposed to fresh aprons, can be purchased so that you can put them on and go.

From the sharp knives and cleavers to the meat scraps, we could observe the different dangers lurking about the premises. Despite the fact that their aprons were of poor quality, the guys had to be constantly aware of their surroundings in order to defend themselves.

After seen countless butcher style aprons fail to perform to par in the demanding work environment of butchery, Green Tanners had a clear idea of what mistakes not to repeat. We believe that by incorporating leather into the design and tailoring the apron to the work at hand, the butchers will be able to fully appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a trustworthy garment. Feel at ease knowing that Green Tanners' butcher apron with pockets is protecting you while you go about your everyday tasks, focused on cutting and grinding the appropriate parts.

Use a moist towel to clean your apron. In the long run, use leather wax or leather conditioner to restore moisture, suppleness, and sheen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When not in use, hang or roll your apron rather than folding it to avoid lines or cracks in the finish.

    European Customers Please Note : All Orders for Europe Based Countries Will Be Shipped from International Location. We Are Not Responsible For Import Taxes And Customs Duty (if any)