Classic Brown Leather Hair Stylist Tool Belt

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Hair stylist tool belt (FEATURES)

  • Materials: full-grain leather exterior and a waterproof lining interior.
  • Dimensions: H17cm X W25cm X D1cm (main pocket). 
  • Features: 7 pockets in varying sizes to hold tools,
  • Extendable fabric belt to attach around the waist: L78cm - 107cm. 


This handcrafted leather tool belt isn't just a holder for tools, it's an alchemist's cabinet for hairstylin transformations. Made from full-grain leather, the exterior develops a rich patina over time, reflecting your journey as a hair artist. Seven pockets in various sizes become your personalized tool chest. Each comb, clip, and styling product has its designated space, ensuring a harmonious workflow and lightning-fast access, just like a seasoned alchemist knows their ingredients.

The waterproof lining acts as your silent guardian, protecting precious elixirs (we mean styling products) from accidental spills or drips. Focus on crafting stunning styles, not on damaged tools.The extendable fabric belt (L78cm - 107cm) ensures a comfortable fit for all body types, so you can conquer every coif with confidence.

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