Genuine Leather Treasure Box | Decorative Storage Chest Box

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  • This Hand Sewed Leather Treasure Chest is Great for storage and as a decorative accessory Made from 100% Genuine Vege Tanned Leather.
  • Measures (Length: 10'' Width: 5.5'' Height: 15.1'').
  • Four brown leather straps running across the front with Thick Buckles Closure.
  • Vintage-looking Brass hardware to enhance its beauty.
  • Great gift idea, for your loved ones a special piece that they will enjoy in their home or office.
  • The product has been designed with superb quality standards.

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This Treasure Chest is ideal and exciting storage for your pirate coins, jewelries, makeup tools, crystals and other keepsakes! With its rustic, rugged and antique look, Heavy Dust Brass Hardware. A box for your innermost secrets and items. Perfect as a gift for a woman, but also to enhance the existing decor of any room in the home. Everyone will be satisfied with it – it has thousands of uses, for example, it can be used as an organizer - it all depends on your imagination!

Leather Treasure Box, Decorative Leather Chest Box

Remember how excited you are when you were a little kid to look into your grandma's old chest, our decorative treasure chest will bring back those memories and help you create some new ones too. Great to use for your very own treasure chest.