Leather Muzzle with Blindfold and Gag - Gay Fetish Mask

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Leather Bondage Muzzle (Features)

  • 100% genuine cowhide leather and metal (there is no use of faux and synthetic).
  • Multiple straps for the perfect fit.
  • The collar features three D-rings, Including a snap-on blindfold.
  • Features buckle closures including two removable buckles for the gag.
  • Adjustable straps along the side, top, and back of the head ensure the most secure fit.


head sizes up to 25.5" (64.8cm).

The product is designed to fit all head sizes with adjustable straps and buckles.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red
  • Tan


The leather bondage muzzle gag is an accessory that is highly versatile, serving a multitude of purposes within BDSM play. Crafted from high-quality cowhide leather, this muzzle gag is constructed to withstand rigorous usage and provide a long-lasting lifespan. The durability and sturdiness of the leather ensure that it retains its shape and form, even with frequent usage. Our BDSM muzzle is designed with multiple straps, which allow it to fit snugly and securely onto the wearer's face, providing a customized fit for maximum comfort. This also offers a degree of adjustability, enabling the wearer to achieve the optimal fit for their head size and shape.

Designed for a perfect fit, the harness features multiple adjustable straps along the sides, top, and back of the head. These straps allow for a fully customizable fit, ensuring maximum security and comfort regardless of head size or shape. The collar is equipped with three D-rings, offering versatile attachment points for additional gear or accessories, enhancing the harness's practicality.


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