Men’s Genuine Black Leather Wood Working Apron with Straps

The Green Tanners
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  • Exclusive apron made of full-grain practical leather with durable stitching and waxy finish.
  • 1 Zipped and 1 large pocket at front for your needy things.
  • Available colors: Cognac, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Black.
    Contact us for color confirmation.
  • Adjustable waist and Crossback straps are designed to keep you comfortable while you're cooking.
  • They're water, heat, and chemical-resistant and save your outfit from stains, splashes & sparks.

     Can be used as:

    • BBQ Apron
    • Chef Apron
    • Bartender Apron
    • Woodworking Apron
    • Blacksmith Apron
    • Grilling Apron
    • Welding Apron
    • Butcher Apron
    • Carpenter Apron
    • Barbour Apron


    Small size : overall length 28.50", top width 11.00", centre width 19.25"
    Large size : overall length 31.50", top width 11.75", centre width 21"

    Straps are completely adjustable for perfect fit.

    Introducing the Full Grain leather chef apron with zippers which are designed for you when you're ready to take on and win the battle of cooking the perfect dinner for everyone. The chef works apron’s leather is one to be surely praised, as it’s the best leather we could find in the hide. The leather is sturdy and robust, ensuring it is there for you for a very long time. The professional chef apron is light in weight and does not tie you down. It comes with a couple of pockets and a handle for all your stuff.

    Because it is composed of heavy-duty cowhide leather, the master chef apron is heat and flame-resistant. When grilling, the leather chef apron's extra-long covering protects you to the knee. It's sewn with a strong, heat-resistant thread, ensuring that both the stitching and the leather endure a lifetime. The chef apron with pockets is made of smooth, supple leather that has a good amount of heaviness to it. This leather chef apron has at least double thickness or more on the chest and lap region, providing lots of protection from knife slips. With a clasp, the cross back is simple to put on and take off.

    The chef apron comes with a zipper to store all your things in one place. You don’t have to be worried about them being lost or misplaced when you place them in the zipper compartment. Because of its snug fit, the chef apron for men looks to be a bespoke apron designed particularly for you.

    The chef apron has a sleek and modern design that gives it a crisp and clean modern appearance. It is a long-lasting piece of modern art that has been refreshed to your preference. To put it another way, it's the best leather money can buy.

    Use a moist towel to clean your apron. In the long run, use leather wax or leather conditioner to restore moisture, suppleness, and sheen.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When not in use, hang or roll your apron rather than folding it to avoid lines or cracks in the finish.