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US M1938 Tanker Helmet | American WW2 Helmet

The Green Tanners

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  • Fits all head sizes up to US 7 1/2 (60cm).


  • Leatherneck protector
  • Leather pad retainers
  • Leather ear protectors
  • Brow guards.
  • Ventilation holes are situated on the exterior.
  • Reinforced with metal studs.
  • Hard outer fibreglass shell with genuine soft supple leather four-point liner.

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CAN BE USED AS Prop for reenactment, Showpiece (a tribute to war veterans in the family), Jeep helmet.


To all the purists, aficionados and enthusiasts, and anyone who wondered what it would feel like to be in the battleground, we present to you the US M1938 Tanker Helmet. This WW2 Tanker Helmet Reproduction helps us bring you the closest you can get to that scenario, (except for maybe, a time machine) and the reimagined design allowed us to add the lacking aspects making the helmet more comfortable while staying original to the design, and touch. 

M1938 tanker helmet, Military Helmet, WW2 Tanker Helmet Reproduction

Our craftsmen reinforced the helmet with metal studs for better durability. The open-mouth design makes putting on and taking off the helmet much quicker. A comfortable, snug-fitting, and well-ventilated collectible replica that is efficient and light in weight.

You might even consider taking this to an offroad trip in your jeep, a sturdy classy tanker helmet? Take it to a rally! Totally compliments and adds to the reckless theme while also being completely safe the irony. The similar-to-original redesign of this tanker helmet allows it to be used as a prop in a reenactment. You can even keep one in your Sherman Tank or in the back of your Jeep

This unique WW2 Replica Helmet is comprised of a hard outer fiberglass shell with a genuine soft supple leather four-point liner, along with leather padding, ear protectors, neck protector, brow guards, steel snaps, and web straps. The interior, featuring a suspension system consisting of felt pads, leather pad retainers, and waxed cotton cords, guarantees comfort to any jerks or blows from the exterior of the helmet. The ear & neck flaps, hand-sewed in genuine 100% top grain cowhide leather, make it a labor-intensive piece of equipment and a display of detail by our skilled craftsmen. Outstanding by all accounts.

M1938 tanker helmet, Military Helmet, WW2 Tanker Helmet Reproduction 

The Tanker Helmet was seen being worn by the crew of the movie Fury, including Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, & John Bernthal. Featuring US tank crews in Nazi Germany during the final days of WWII. The director aimed for high realism in this film and you can see many examples of the Tanker Helmet in the movie.

M1938 tanker helmet, Military Helmet, WW2 Tanker Helmet Reproduction

This redesigned with originality wartime helmet truly puts you in the shoes (or in the helmets) of real-time war heroes. This could also very well be placed in the memory of your predecessors as a symbol of pride and a token of honor for their service in the US army.

M1938 tanker helmet, Military Helmet, WW2 Tanker Helmet Reproduction

No other recreation in the market stands to compete with this GreenTanner's product.

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