Unisex 7 Pcs Set of Leather Cuffs for Intimate Play

The Leather Impressions
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Leather Cuffs (Features)

  • Our Leather Cuffs is made of 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather and rust-proof hardware.
  • Adjustable straps with rolling buckles.
  • Multiple D-rings are attachable to other BDSM accessories.
  • Stitched and riveted to ensure these restraints are escape-proof.


Delve into the world of sensory indulgence with our exquisite Leather Cuffs, meticulously crafted from 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather. Immerse yourself in the luxurious touch and authentic feel, heightened by the assurance of rust-proof hardware that combines durability with an alluring aesthetic.

Enjoy the flexibility of personalized restraint with adjustable straps featuring rolling buckles, allowing you to create a bespoke experience tailored to your desires. The inclusion of multiple D-rings adds a layer of versatility, facilitating seamless connections to a myriad of BDSM accessories. This adaptability invites exploration and creativity, enhancing your intimate encounters.

Each Leather Cuff is a testament to craftsmanship, intricately stitched and riveted to ensure escape-proof security. Trust in the durability and strength of these restraints, providing you with the freedom to surrender to pleasure with confidence. Elevate your bondage experience with a touch of sophistication and the unmatched quality of our Genuine Cowhide Leather Cuffs.


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