Green and Brown Waxed Canvas Leather Shotgun Case

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Leather Shotgun Case - Features

  • Material: Our Leather Shotgun Case is made from Genuine cowhide leather, canvas, and brass hardware.
  • Size: (Outer Length) 54.5 inches (Internal Length) 52.5 inches.
  • Sliding shoulder pad for additional comfort.
  • Full-length YKK strong zip is used with thick fleece wool lining.
  • Heavy-duty carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Reinforced muzzle end and strong stitching all around.
  • Easy to clean and carry.

Green and Brown Waxed Canvas Leather Shotgun Case, Canvas Leather Gun Slip Case


Indulge in the epitome of hunting gear with our precision-crafted Leather Shotgun Case. We've skillfully combined the timeless elegance of Genuine cowhide leather, the rugged versatility of canvas, and the sturdiness of brass hardware to create a masterpiece of quality and sophistication.

Measuring (Outer Length) 54.5 inches and (Internal Length) 52.5 inches, this case assures a tailored fit for your firearms. But we didn't stop at fit; your comfort matters too. The sliding shoulder pad isn't just an afterthought – it's a testament to our commitment to elevating your hunting experience with added comfort.

Unlocking your firearms is effortlessly smooth with the full-length YKK strong zipper, further enhanced by a plush fleece wool lining. Moisture concerns? Our design ensures swift drying, preserving your guns from the elements. Every detail resonates with consideration and strength. A heavy-duty carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap offer versatile carrying options, finely tuned for your hunting endeavors. The reinforced muzzle end and meticulously sewn seams embody longevity, assuring a steadfast companion for countless hunting expeditions.

Low maintenance is a given – easy cleaning and effortless carrying are part of the package. More than just equipment, our Leather Shotgun Case encapsulates your dedication to excellence in both form and function, a symbol of your pursuit of hunting perfection.

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