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Canvas Rifle Case - Features

  • Material: genuine cowhide leather & canvas, and enduring brass hardware.
  • Dimensions: Outer Length of 54.5 inches, Internal Length of 52.5 inches.
  • Stay prepared with an exterior front pocket for bullets.
  • Effortless comfort with the sliding shoulder pad.
  • Full-length YKK strong zip, fortified with plush fleece wool lining.
  • Reliability meets portability: heavy-duty carrying handle, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Enhancing endurance: reinforced muzzle end, robust stitching all around.
  • Streamlined maintenance and transport: easy to clean, effortless to carry.


Canvas Rifle Case - Description

Experience the epitome of firearm protection and style with our meticulously crafted leather canvas Rifle Case. Crafted from a fusion of genuine cowhide leather, and enduring brass hardware, this case is more than just storage; it's a testament to excellence.

Transportation becomes an effortless endeavor with the sliding shoulder pad, offering additional comfort as you embark on your journeys. The full-length YKK strong zip, accompanied by plush fleece wool lining, stands as a testament to our commitment to uncompromising protection and luxurious functionality.

Reliability and portability intersect with the heavy-duty carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap. The handle ensures a secure grip, while the adjustable strap adapts to your preferred carrying style, whether it's across the shoulder or in hand. Built for endurance, the case features a reinforced muzzle end and robust stitching all around. Every stitch embodies our dedication to providing a storage solution that mirrors your firearm's strength.

Beyond its protective features, the Canvas Rifle Case is also designed for convenience. Streamlined maintenance is a hallmark, making cleaning effortless. This, combined with its lightweight construction, transforms the case into a companion that's as easy to carry as it is to maintain.

Elevate your firearm protection with a case that resonates with authenticity, resilience, and functionality - our Leather Rifle Case. It's more than just a case; it's a reflection of your passion and preparedness.

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