Green and Brown Leather Rifle Case

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Leather Rifle Case - Features

  • Material: Our Leather Rifle Case are crafted from Genuine cowhide leather, and brass hardware.
  • Size: (Outer Length) 54.5 inches (Internal Length) 52.5 inches.
  • Sliding shoulder pad for additional comfort.
  • Full-length YKK strong zip is used with thick fleece wool lining.
  • Heavy-duty carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Reinforced muzzle end and strong stitching all around.
  • Easy to clean and carry.


Discover the pinnacle of firearm protection and style with our meticulously crafted Leather Rifle Case. A fusion of genuine cowhide leather, and brass hardware elevates this case to a level of excellence that surpasses expectations.

Crafted with precision, our Leather Rifle Case embodies a harmonious blend of materials. Genuine cowhide leather not only promises durability but also showcases the natural elegance of this timeless material. The case exudes rugged charm, perfectly suited for outdoor adventures. Brass hardware adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring longevity. The case's user-centric design extends to the sliding shoulder pad, offering an additional layer of comfort during transportation. Your journeys are made smoother as this feature adapts to your movements, ensuring ease throughout.

Uncompromising protection is evident in the use of a full-length YKK strong zip, accompanied by a thick fleece wool lining. This combination not only guarantees the security of your firearm but also shields it from external elements, showcasing our commitment to detail. Practicality meets versatility with the heavy-duty carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap. The handle exudes sturdiness, reassuring you of its reliability. The adjustable strap adds a layer of adaptability, allowing you to choose the carrying style that suits you best.

At the heart of our Leather Rifle Case is its reinforced muzzle end, a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive protection. The strong stitching that envelops the case further emphasizes its durability, ensuring its endurance throughout your adventures. Ease of maintenance and portability are essential, and our Leather Rifle Case embodies both. Its easy-to-clean nature ensures that your focus remains on your pursuits, not on upkeep. Compact and lightweight, the case is a hassle-free companion that seamlessly blends form and function.

Whether you're an avid shooter or a novice, our Leather Rifle Case caters to your needs while reflecting your style. With its impeccable blend of materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and user-centric design, this case is more than just storage; it's a statement of excellence.

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