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Genuine Leather Cartridge Bag | Magazine Bag

The Green Tanners

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Leather Cartridge Bag-Features

  • Our Leather Cartridge Bag is crafted from authentic cowhide leather and adorned with brass hardware.
  • Available in sophisticated Brown and classic Black color options.
  • Approximate dimensions: Length 14", Width 6.5", Height 10".
  • Generously holds 150-175 loose cartridges with ease. Designed with a distinctive scalloped opening for swift access.
  • Features a convenient hinged flap for added practicality. Equipped with a robust top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Enhanced security ensured by 2 leather straps and thick brass buckles.


Indulge in the epitome of shooting elegance with our Leather Cartridge Bag, meticulously crafted from authentic cowhide leather and adorned with exquisite brass hardware. This luxurious accessory is available in two timeless shades: sophisticated Brown and classic Black. Its approximate dimensions of Length 14", Width 6.5", and Height 10" make it a capacious companion for your shooting adventures.

Designed to hold a generous capacity of 150-175 loose cartridges, this bag effortlessly combines style with functionality. Its distinctive scalloped opening ensures swift access

to your ammunition, while the hinged flap adds an extra layer of practicality. The bag's versatility is elevated by the robust top handle and adjustable shoulder strap, enabling you to carry it comfortably, whether on a leisurely stroll or during intense shooting sessions.

Security meets style with the inclusion of 2 leather straps and thick brass buckles, ensuring that your cartridges remain securely stored. Whether you're embarking on a hunting expedition or participating in shooting sports, our Leather Cartridge Bag guarantees not only the safekeeping of your ammunition but also an elevated sense of shooting sophistication.

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