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Single Stick Leather Camping Stool with Carrying Strap

The Green Tanners

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Leather Camping Stool - Features

  • High-quality leather construction with stitched detailing.
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed seat.
  • Adjustable height for personalized comfort.
  • Sturdy, durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Broad, stable base suitable for various terrains.
  • Lightweight and portable design for easy carrying.
  • Includes a detachable, adjustable carrying strap.
  • Pointed end at the base for secure placement in the ground.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and bird watching


Introducing our leather camping stool, a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and practicality designed for all your outdoor adventures. This seat stands out with its high-quality leather construction and elegant stitched detailing, ensuring not only an appealing aesthetic but also exceptional durability for years of reliable use.

The seat is ergonomically designed to provide unparalleled comfort, allowing you to relax for extended periods without discomfort. Whether you're waiting patiently during a hunt, fishing by the lakeside, or simply enjoying nature, this seat ensures you do so in comfort.

Constructed from sturdy and durable materials, this outdoor seat is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for all your outdoor excursions. Additionally, the broad, stable base excellent support and balance on various terrains, preventing any wobbling or tipping over.

Portability is a key feature of this design. The lightweight and portable construction make it easy to carry, and it includes a detachable, adjustable carrying strap for added convenience. Whether you're trekking through the woods or setting up a temporary camp, transporting this seat is a breeze.

The pointed end at the base is specifically designed for secure placement in the ground, offering stability even on uneven surfaces. This feature is particularly useful for activities like hunting or bird watching, where a stable seating position is crucial.

Whether you're an avid hunter, fisherman, camper, or nature enthusiast, this seat is designed to enhance your outdoor experience, providing the support and comfort you need to fully enjoy your time in nature.

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