Leather Shotgun Case for Scoped Rifles with shoulder Straps

The Green Tanners
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Leather Shotgun Case-Features

  • Extra full-length zip ensures easy and quick access to your rifle or shotgun.
  • Specially designed protective case to safeguard your valuable gun.
  • Prevents damage to both barrels and stock for long-lasting firearm durability.
  • L 47.24 x H 9.84 x W 1.97 inches for a perfect fit and ample protection.
  • Suitable for a variety of rifles and shotguns, providing universal firearm compatibility.



Unlock seamless access to your firearm with the convenience of an extra full-length zip, ensuring swift retrieval of your rifle or shotgun. This meticulously designed protective case serves as a stalwart defender, preventing potential damage to both barrels and stock, reinforcing the longevity of your firearm.

Crafted without compromise, the case is tailored for a perfect fit, delivering comprehensive protection for your valuable firearms. Its universal design accommodates a variety of rifles and shotguns, underscoring its versatility across different firearm models.

Embrace a solution that prioritizes quick access, meticulous protection, and universal compatibility. This rifle case is a reliable companion, embodying a commitment to functionality while safeguarding the integrity of your firearms.