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Olive Cordura Shotgun Slip Case | Rifle Case

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Leather Shotgun Case-Features

  • Our Leather Shotgun Cases are crafted from Cordura 600D and adorned with brass hardware for exceptional durability.
  • Optimal dimensions: Length of 50 inches, ensuring a secure fit for your firearm.
  • Dedicated small pocket for cartridges or gun stock, enhancing convenience.
  • Unveil security through the full-length YKK strong Zip Closure.
  • Top Nylon carrying Handle & Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
  • Seamlessly adapt with an unstructured and foldable design.
  • Experience padded luxury inside, providing extra protection for your firearm.
  • Defy the elements with waterproof material, assuring a shielded storage.
  • Meticulous stitching all around, a testament to its enduring construction.
  • Effortless maintenance and transport: easy to Clean & Carry.
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Available Colors

● Orange
● Olive


Discover the pinnacle of firearm protection and convenience through our meticulously designed Leather Shotgun Case. This masterpiece is meticulously crafted from robust Cordura 600D and embellished with the timeless charm of brass hardware, ensuring not only durability but also adding a touch of elegance to your shooting gear.

Prepare yourself for every shooting escapade with the dedicated small pocket, thoughtfully placed to accommodate cartridges or even a gun stock. This feature seamlessly enhances accessibility and organization, ensuring that you're always primed and ready for action. Imagine the convenience of reaching for your essentials without fuss, a testament to the user-centric approach of our design.

Security and sophistication coalesce in the form of the full-length YKK strong Zip Closure. This zipper serves as a guardian of your firearm, providing a seamless enclosure that adds an extra layer of protection. With this feature, your firearm remains not only secure but also shielded from external elements, a crucial consideration for firearm enthusiasts. Elegance meets functionality with the top Nylon carrying Handle and Adjustable Shoulder Strap. This versatile combination caters to your preferred carrying style, be it a firm grip by hand or effortless slinging over the shoulder. As you embark on your shooting journeys, this case adapts to your every move, making transportation an enjoyable endeavor.

Inside, a layer of padded luxury awaits, offering an additional cushion of protection for your firearm. This thoughtful addition enhances the safety quotient of the case, reaffirming our commitment to ensuring your prized possession remains unscathed. The case's unstructured and foldable design ensures that storage is as effortless as its use. Endure unpredictable weather conditions with the assurance of the waterproof material. This protective layer acts as a fortress, shielding your firearm from the whims of nature. This is a case that embodies durability and meticulous attention to detail, evident in the sturdy stitching that envelopes it. Every stitch speaks volumes about the case's robustness and reflects our dedication to crafting a storage solution that's as enduring as your firearm.

Maintaining and transporting your firearm case is a breeze, owing to its easy-to-clean nature and lightweight design. This case is not just an accessory; it's a statement of your commitment to firearm care and preparedness. Elevate your firearm protection with our Shotgun Case - a blend of durability, comfort, and elegance that's designed to enhance your shooting experience.

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