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Hunting Flask-Features

  • Our Hunting Flask crafted from authentic Stainless Steel material, ensuring robustness.
  • Generous capacity of 330 ml (11 fl oz) to quench your thirst.
  • Compact design, standing at 9.5 inches for easy carrying.
  • Efficient top diameter of 2.40 inches for convenient sipping.
  • Stable base with a 1.15-inch bottom diameter for steady placement.
  • Innovative Captive Top design for secure closure and spill prevention.
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Experience the epitome of outdoor refreshment with our meticulously crafted Hunting Flask bottle. Expertly fashioned from authentic Stainless Steel, it assures unwavering durability, ensuring a reliable companion for your adventures.

Quench your thirst with its generous 330 ml (11 fl oz) capacity, a perfect measure to keep you hydrated throughout your journey. The compact design, standing at 9.5 inches, promises effortless portability, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor gear.

Every sip becomes a delight with the efficient top diameter of 2.40 inches, allowing seamless sipping without spillage. The stable base, featuring a 1.15-inch bottom diameter, ensures steady placement on various terrains, preventing any unintended tipping.

The ingenious Captive Top design offers both security and convenience. No need to worry about accidental spills – this innovative closure system guarantees a spill-free experience, safeguarding both your beverage and your expedition.

From the rugged terrain to serene landscapes, our Hunting Flask epitomizes reliability, style, and practicality. Embrace the outdoors while staying refreshed, thanks to the enduring craftsmanship and thoughtful features of this exceptional companion.

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